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What is Dynamic Glass?

Dynamic glass refers to glass & windows that change their light control state and appearance in response to an external stimulus. The stimulus can be voltage, heat or sunlight. Dynamic glass is usually produced with 2 or more layers of glass laminated with an active or switchable film interlayer between.

Dynamic glass can switch from clear to private, or can be variably tinted to darken a room or building. This makes the occupants more comfortable, connects them with the outdoors when desired, and saves energy by reducing the demand on HVAC systems and interior lighting.

Dynamic Glass falls into a few sub-categories
    • Liquid Crystal Privacy Glass- for instantly switchable white-out privacy and light diffusion
    • SPD SmartGlass- for on-demand variable room darkening, tinting, and light control
    • Thermochromic glass - sunlight responsive, environmentally adaptive self-tinting glass for room darkening and light control.
    • Electrochromic Glass - ion deposited coatings, variable tinting glass for slower response, exterior tinting requirements
Innovative Glass proudly offers 3 of these dynamic glazing technologies - LC Privacy Glass, SPD SmartGlass, & our sunlight responsive SolarSmart glass as part of our eGlassproduct line. We offer our eGlass as basic laminated glass, insulated glass (IGUs), complete windows, doors and skylights, & complete conference room systems.

Click the links above, and visit the eGlass Product Selector to learn more about each dynamic glass technology, & how to integrate each into your project.